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Status: In Progress

SPL is committed to building the new central library and working with the construction industry to reduce costs through design revisions. We made scope changes to the functional plan to reduce construction costs.


  • The size of the facility was reduced by approximately 2,700 SM.
  • LEED® certification was removed as a project requirement, though the building will maintain a high level of sustainability.
  • The support services employee workspaces were removed.
  • The single automated materials handling unit was split into two parts: sorting for the central library, which will remain on-site, and system-wide/provincial sorting at an alternate location.
  • The basement was removed.
  • The adult collection staircase connecting the third and fourth levels was removed.
  • The raised-access floor was removed.
  • The natural ventilation feature was removed.
  • The gathering circle in the outdoor plaza will be designed to be added in the future.



  • The building’s exterior character (sloped and glazed curtain wall) is simplified but maintains the design integrity.
  • The mass timber structure has been removed from the employee areas and replaced with a concrete structure. However, it remains visible in the public areas.
  • The building’s footprint has been modified, but the tipi-inspired design remains.
  • Landscaping was simplified.
  • The wood acoustic ceiling panels strategy was simplified.
  • Savings were found in network infrastructure, audio-visual, door hardware and security cameras.
  • Windows were changed from triple to double pane and the low-iron glass was removed.
  • The west (backside) of the façade is metal-clad instead of limestone.
  • Reallocation of spaces within the floor plates resulted in cost savings (relocation of café, new & popular items area, theatre, materials handling, etc.)



  • Design changes did not impact the Rick Hansen Foundation Accessibility Certification.
  • All public spaces, program rooms, collections, services and café remain as planned.