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Kitchen Table Conversation Kit 

Closes: June 25, 2021

Kitchen Table Kits are designed for a small group of people who get together to talk in a comfortable and informal setting. They are great for people who would rather have a conversation than complete a online surveys or attend a public forum. The Conversation Kit helps facilitate a conversation with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues about the new central library.

Anyone can host a discussion. All you need to do is bring together a group of people who are willing to participate. Participants don’t need to be an expert on the subject of libraries or architecture. All they need is a willingness to listen and share ideas.

Please ensure to follow all COVID-19 public health orders in choosing to host a kitchen table conversation. We encourage virtual gathers.


Kitchen Table Conversation Kit

The Discussion Guide contains all of the information you need to host a Kitchen Table conversation and a workbook to document the ideas of your group.

Download or pick up a paper copy at any Saskatoon Public Library location.

Please return the completed workbook to any Saskatoon Public Library via the book return, or email it to