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The future home of the new central library is 321 2nd Avenue North.

The site extends the length of 2nd Avenue between 24th and 25th Street.

SPL chose the prime location for the new central library for its size and configuration, access, and its potential for community impact, which includes contextual suitability, social benefit and economic impact. The new central library is adjacent to the approved Bus Rapid Transit lines on both 1st Avenue and 25th Street and is within walking distance of a station that will service all three lines.

The site selection approach leveraged a four-stage process to narrow a long list of potential sites. Screening criteria were established in alignment with leading practice to rate the sites. The shortlisted sites were test-fit to confirm their architectural suitability based on the functional requirements. The process identified the 2nd Avenue site as the optimal site for the new Central Library.

The site:

  • Is accessible by all modes of transportation.
  • Is situated to be able to offer immense amounts of natural light.
  • Is large enough for indoor and outdoor programming spaces, adding much-needed green space to Saskatoon’s downtown core.
  • Connects and anchors the development of downtown along 2nd Avenue, with River Landing in the South and a Central
  • Library as a prominent focal point in the North.
  • Is within walking distance for downtown residents.
  • Creates opportunities for growth and development of the area surrounding the new Central Library.