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RFP for Prime Design Consultant Services released / September 2020

Sep 8 – Today, we released the design brief (functional program) and a request for proposal for prime design consultant services for the new central library! The team will be selected in October. The functional program is a statement of building needs, which the architect will use to design the new central library. It articulates the vision for the building….

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SPL purchases land for new central library / April 2020

Apr 1 – SPL purchased land for the new central library at 321-2nd Avenue North drawing from the library’s reserve funds in February 2020, and took possession of the property on April 1, 2020. The site runs along 2nd Avenue between 24th & 25th Street.

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New central library project approved / November 2019

Nov 25 – Today, City Council approved $67.5 million in borrowing for the new central library project. With that, it’s official, Saskatoon, you’re getting a new central library in 2026!

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SPL presents business case for new central library to City Council / September 2019

Sep 23 – Read the business case or the summary report here.

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SPL launches community consultation on new central library project / March 2018

Mar 4 – SPL launched community consultation on the new central library project. Read all about it here. SPL prepared the What We Heard Report to summarize the results of the community consultation conducted. Read the What We Heard Report here.

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